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Sprinkle Me Social Enterprise started out  as Sprinkle Me Fagrance Boutique and More. As the company ventured into other  areas of expertise from prior ventures, we decided to turn the company into an enterprise, that holds a social stance. Our mission is to provide, quality service and products, continue to increase our abilities in order to obtain and maintain the trust of our clients. Our pledge is to always operate in integrity and always in support of  social and charity causes.

Sprinkle Me Enterprise was founded by the Multi-platinum and gold certified, entertainment, influencer, author, vision partner, MA  "Suga-T Stevens." Suga-T Stevens is also the first lady of her successful family record label SWI Records known for signing one of the biggest co-venture deals in history with Jive Records and her Multi-platinum and gold selling  family group The Click.   Suga-T Stevens grew up in a family business. She started her first business venture at eight years old with her grandfather and later became inspired to continue with the otpions, realizing that she had a passion and gift for business and now  inspires others to do so. 

Suga-T was coached by her brothers and group members E40, D-Shot and BLegit as an executive and talent coming into the business and record world,  yet went back to school and sacraficed her entertainment career to earn up to a Masters Degree, currently working on her Doctrines. She has paved the way for female in her industry today currently  serving over 30 years in entertainment, community and business, 15 albums still counting as a songstress, rapstress, personality, coach, song writer, producer, transformation coach and mentor, and enjoys serving others. 

Sprinkle Me Enterprise is passionate about helping their clients win, while providing exploration opportunities in order for them to have a better chance of doing so and stands on the integrity of economic empowerment, leadership, personal, professional development and generation wealth.  Our mission is to serve others with honesty, consistency and to build our knowledge and experience to continue to pass it on and provide the best service to our clients and partners. We our open for collaborations, partnerships and more.

For more info, Ph. 888-436-o574, em. services@sprinkleme.biz



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Sprinkle Me School of Music & Vision

The Sprinkle Me School of Music & Vision is a coaching school that gives you a chance to explore you vision possibilities. We have enrichment courses tought by skilled instructors who's ultimate goal is to see you win and explore your gifts and talent. Sign up for one of our courses and get sprinkled with the tools and exploration opportunities that empowers you  or someone else. Our quick crash courses are a great compliment to trades and traditional experiences allowing you to explore your possiblities along your journey www.SprinkleMeSchoolOfMusic.online .

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Sprinkle Me Boutique

Enjoy Fragrance, Beauty, Wellness, Spa, Accessories, Specialty Services and Membership. The Sprinkle Me Boutique Collections are available for wholesale, bulk sales and more. See if you qualify for our fragrance productions services www.SprinkleMe.com .


Hip Hop Mom TV, Music Productions & Lady Bay Entertainment, Suga-T Music Publishing

Hip Hop Mom Productions is a record, television and event production company that produces records, provides consulting and coaching services, event production, marketing and tv productions services. Lady Bay Entertainment is a part of the management services, talent development and management services. Suga-T Music is a publishing company that places music in vehicles for exposure and monetizing .

others services we offer-it all starts from a consultation-ph. 888-436 0574

Product Creation & Packaging

We produce product lines from  product creation, to the end customer placement , packaging, marketing and distribution . One of our expertise is supply chain management and product creation.

Talent & Song Development

Our team of skilled performers, producers, singers, writers, actors, hosts, media, pr and more has been able to assist and develop talent from all over the world. We have been behind the success of valuable and brands of long gevitty , integrity and creativity.

Business & Brand Consulting & Development

We can help you expand or create a brand. We have the expertise of helping your vision come to past , while allowing you to explore your options.  Let us assist you with an effective business model .

Coaching & Development

Life and professional coaching services are available for qualified individuals, groups and entities that need assistance and direction that allow them to replace barriers or move through adversity.

Music & Book Publishing

Our publishing services can assit you with creating a book brand, idea, marketing, designing, editing or publishing your book. We can also help you publish and /or brand your music.

Marketing and Brand Expansion

We can help you market and brand your product, service or event. We offer PR support, management support and consulting for your projects to help you get further and present to the masses.

social & community divisions

Sing 4 Mariah Foundation

Sing For Mariah Foundation Logo

Supporting parents of children with autism and advocating for their wellness.

Young Grandmothers Club

Young Grandmothers Club Empowers

Uniting, inspiring & empowering grandmothers and communities to be well and safe.

Professional United Sisterhood

PUSH Network support females

Empowering  females, to be well safe and with the tools to explore and win.

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