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Her Story


She transforms lives,
one soul at a time

Dr. Suga-T is a legendary multi-facet recording artist, CEO, performer, writer, speaker, producer, author, creator, and game-changing trendsetter. She celebrates 36 years in the music industry, produced 20 solo albums, and 5 group albums, and possesses a large catalog of soundtracks, independent & commercial releases, and acting roles. In the midst of producing music and film projects, she runs a social enterprise that includes Suga-T Music/Film And Publishing, Sprinkle Me Learning Academy, Sprinkle Me Boutique, and recently added HER Museum to her list of visionary conglomerates. She is also the executive director of The Work It Well Project. Dr. Suga-T Stevens uses her national brand, education, and experience to make positive changes in the community, business, and the music industry and sacrifice her entertainment career to return back to school to acquire up to a Doctorate Degree.

Head Shot Classy 2


Speaker, Author , Transformation Coach

Some Professional Credentials

Awards & Certifications

  • Best Business from Nate Miley, Superintendent
  • Humanitarian Award from Underground Girls of Hip Hop
  • Awarded Female Entrepreneur of The Decade of West Coast Hip Hop Awards
  • Multi-Platinum Artist
  • Gold Selling Artist

Professional Background

  • Bachelors
  • PHD
  • Professional Counseling
  • Professional Coaching
  • Diversity Certificate
  • Psychology after BACHELORS
  • Master’s Organizational Management
  • Master’s Supply Chain Management
  • Associates, General Business
  • Associates, Liberal Studies
  • Master’s Administration
  • Bachelors, Christian Counseling

Historical Contribution

  • Founder Of Sprinkle Me Social Enterprise
  • Highlighted On TV One’s Unsung, Hip Hop Hop Evolution
  • Producing & Hosting Talk shows & Panel Series incorporated into the Suga-T Radio & TV Shows.

Helping You Find

Your Scent Of Success


As a social entrepreneur, Suga-T has put a lot of work into music, community and family. She learned early, the power of hard work and persistence. Suga-T became an entrepreneur at 8 years old with her grandfather. Music has been part of her entire life; starting with leading the choir at the age of 5 while being coached by her mom and aunts, and introduced to instruments by her musician father. Being coached and mentored by her brothers as an executive, allowed her to create many successful brands in a male dominated industry.

Covering A Wide
Range Of Topics


Suga-T serves as an Executive Director of The Work It Well Project and specializes in supporting the lives of underserved and underrepresented vulnerable populations prioritizing women, yet serving men, organizations, various partnerships as well as implementing innovative programming. Dr. Suga-T Stevens is passionate about entrepreneurship and broken souls and is the founder of Sprinkle Me Social Enterprise. She trains coaches and works as a transformation, wellness & enterprise vision coach, and is a multi-genre expert and seasoned producer and talent developer.

BOSS Up To A Your New Scent

Discovering multiple streams using your gifts and the branding that comes within.

The Work It Factor

Helping you embrace age and what comes with it, while empowering you with the tools to obtain 50 the new 30.

The New Shine

Shining in the brightness of the light today and tomorrow.

A Better Me

Healing through arts and creativity.

Hip Hop Heiress

Helping girls and women hold a crown that gives them longevity and safe practices.

Suga-T Experience Performance

Presentation Multi-Genre performances available with live band, track, virtual or in person.

Soul Sister Circle

Creating a circle of love, diversity, unity and soul.

Lead Like A Champ

Sharing the tools of healthy leadership in an unhealthy environment.

Champion Youth Assembly- Talk

An assembly presentation that interrupts violence, increases attendance, promotes unity, community wellness and leadership.

SOS Expo & Talk

An exposition that provides an event that targets women and girls that focuses on violence reduction, building sisterhoods, economic empowerment, personal development, health and wellness

Work It Dance Out

A dance and work out session that encourages healthy and safe practices.

The Rapademic Weapon

A presentation that shines a light on the weapon in music and media and the transformation of its culture today.

Founder, Mentor


Dr. Suga-T Stevens is passionate about entrepreneurship and broken souls and is the founder of Sprinkle Me Social Enterprise. She trains coaches and works as a transformation, wellness & enterprise vision coach, and is a multi-genre’d expert and seasoned producer and talent developer. Helping people turn their pain into peace passion prosperity and purpose is another one of her claim to fame. She recently found The HER museum, and is addressing the negative depiction of females in media. Her latest album & book combo celebrates her 25th album in 36yrs and is shining the light on black women role models on her TV Show “What Big Momma Woulda’ Told Ya’, and is a proud grandmother of 6. Subscribe to her youtube to find out more.

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