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Sing 4 Mariah Foundation

Suga-T supports parents of children with autism and gives you a chance to help support families of children with autism. Donate or support the cause  to help us keep families well , safe and inspired.

Girls Academy Mentoring Program Graduation Ceremony

Professional United Sisterhood

"The Push Her Network" encourages a safe stage, while empowering females with the tools to win an what they do. PUSH targets female emcees, females in male favored industries, and youth, while promoting well communities. Suga-T uses her education & 30 years experience to empower females, youth, families, leaders and communites.


Young Grandmothers Club

The YGC Unites Grandmothers, while empowers females, families and commuities with the tools to be safe and well along with providing services and inspiration to families with children with autism. Donate to help us help others be well, safe and inspired.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.  Donate to help us help others be well, safe and inspired and receive a free gift from Suga-T.

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check out bleng social division

Sprinkle Me Enterprise presents the BLENG Division that provides an opportunity to collaborate and/or partner with organizations, sponsors and establishments. BLENG can assist individual groups with the tools to explore what they can become. "Building Layers To Empower and Nurture Your To Growth," provides career and entrepreneurship exploration, personal , leadership and professional development for the purpose of transforming individuals, groups and leaders to adapt to their environment, while providing the elements necessary to replace the barriers in their lives and/ or careers.  

To learn more and speak on collaborations, funding or partnerships, em.  or ph. 888 436 0574.