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Suga-T is originally from Vallejo, CA, and since 1984 stayed in her own lane, although she helped found and build the success of her family record label “Sick Wid It Records” and Legendary group “The Click.” The Click features her brothers E40, D Shot, and cousin B-Legit and is a Multi-Platinum & Gold nationally acclaimed group respected for their historical trendsetting up to date. Together they accomplished one of the biggest joint ventures deals in history with Jive Records and set the blueprint for independent success in music and innovative business practices today.

  • 36 Years of Innovation & CreativityCelebrating 25 Albums Still Counting
  • Honored By VH1 Female Hip Hop Honors & UGOHHonored For Humanitarian And West Coast Hip Hop Pioneer
  • Guinness Friendly Record Of Biggest Brother & Sister Hip Hop DuetFeatures Suga-T And E40 Multi-Platinum Hit
  • Founder of HER Museum Women, & Girl Empowerment For Arts & Community Wellness

Her Story Matters

The Many Hats She Wears

Dr. Suga-T is a legendary multi-facet recording artist, performer, speaker, producer, author, creator, and game-changing trendsetter. She celebrates 36 years in the music industry, produced 20 solo albums, and 5 group albums, and possesses a large catalog of soundtracks, independent & commercial releases, and acting roles. In the midst of producing music and film projects. She uses her national brand, education, and experience to make positive changes in the community, business, and the music industry. She had her first business venture at eight years old and got off track from peer influence and lack of experience and became a teen mother that expressed at-risk behavior. As a way to get her on the safe track, she was recruited to work with her family group “The Click,” which features her brothers E40, D Shot, and cousin B Legit.

Hip Hop
Trailblazer, CEO


Suga-T is strongly modeled after as a an industry matriarch. She is a powerful relevant force known for her original catchy phrases; writing numerous hooks of song and rap which have become urban anthems and multi-platinum and gold hits such as Hurricane, One Love, Sprinkle Me, and Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. Initially, the group released street anthems such as Captain Save Em,’ Dusted & Disgusted, Lace Me Up, Family, Wolf Tickets, Scandalous and many more.


Brand Ambassador


Mentoring Coach


Author And Publisher


Social Entrepreneur

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