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Suga-T is

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She is a smashing hit on
mtv lyricist lounge show
Obstacles Movie On BET

Suga-T is starring in the Obstacles Movie and appeared on national networks as one of BET's regular re-plays. Suga-T is featured on the series with Omar Gooding, Brian Hooks, E40, and many other A, B, C & D list talents.

What Are The Chances Movie

Suga-T stars in the What Are the Chances movie and can currently be seen on national distribution outlets such as Best Buy, Walmart, and more... The movie features Snoop Dogg, Luinell Campbell, Brian Hooks, E40, B Legit & many other A, B, C, and D list talent.

Maliboodie Movie On Starz

Suga-T is a guest star appearance in the Maliboodie movie produced by Brian Hooks currently as a Starz Channel re-run. You can check out Suga-T as a guest star appearance in the movie rocking out playing a hairdresser.

Hip Hop Evolution Currently On Netflix

Suga-T appears on the Hip Hop Revolution show presenting her contribution to bay area culture hip hop and a part of evolutionizing it.

TV Ones Unsung

Suga-T is interviewed on Unsung and highlighted for her contribution to the success of her successful family group The Click and her contribution to her brother E40's career while highlighting a little of her story. Suga-T will be working on her own documentary highlight her interesting, controversial, and world-breaking story.

MTV Lyricist Lounge Sitcom

Suga-T is on the MTV Lyricist Lounge Show as a regular guest star, performing, writing, acting, and voiceovers and contributing to making the show a success for the first season.

Suga-T Show

An ongoing series with focused themes on sharing What Big Momma Would a' told Ya, along with other unique formatted narrations of content. Check her out on YouTube.

Queens View

Suga-T hosts and produces a talk show called Queens View that highlights women's empowerment and presents a special segment that is inspired by women in hip-hop.

A Familiar Lie

Suga-T has multiple soundtrack placements that you can see on IMDB, which are gold and platinum status. Her recent soundtrack is on a movie titled A Familiar Lie, and her song I Aint That Chic features the best soundtrack of the year.



Speaker, Author , Transformation Coach

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Suga-t's latest movie feature acting up


See Suga-T’s Latest Feature In The WHAT ARE THE CHANCES Movie. Nationally distributed through digital outlets.

Suga-t acting up in her music video


Suga-T produces an acting element to her Unbreakable Me imulating the challenges that women have to endure, in support of the mayors campaign for women empowerment. The story is also a story that tells Suga-T’s story in song.

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